Badiang Spring

Badiang Springs located in Barangay Anas.

Complementing the town’s commerce and trade is the beach resort in barangay Anas, which is a major contribution to the local government’s coffers and economic activity. Badiang Spring boasts of its continuous flowing water coming from subterranean rocks, which is its main attraction. Not just domestic tourists but as well as foreign tourists frequent the facility, which sits in a 1,250- square meter lot by the shore. Aside from its splendid natural attraction, Badiang Spring has separate swimming pools for adults and children. Its accommodation facilities include 4-room lodging houses and cottages.

Tourism is one area that the local government of Valencia is strongly pursuing for development. The town’s tourism potentials do not just lie in the famous Badiang Spring Resourt but it includes the sand beaches of Cutcutan and Canduao Oriental, the majestic falls of impehan and spring Anislag are untapped areas. There are also man-made historical structures and edifices like the Abueva Marker and the Sto. Ñino Church and Convent that can capture the attention of both foreign and domestic tourists. Another attraction is the presence of exotic wildlife of flora and fauna in the balitbiton Mountain Range and the Nailo Cave where exotic designs of stalactites and stalagmites can be appreciated.

Development Needs

Badjang Springs located in Barangay Anas.

The identified tourism areas in the municipality are all in need of development and improvement in order to attract and increase the number of tourists.  If these areas are fully developed, tourist would  be lured to these places thus vitalizing the tourism Industry and will boost the economy of the people.

Infrastructure and support facilities must be installed to serve the needs of the tourist. Power and communication facilities must also be provided to support the industry.

At present, an infrastructure facility to serve the needs of the tourist is inadequate. Roads leading to these spots are not paved and during rainy season, these roads are not passable. Power and communication facilities have no provisions, to support the tourism industry. Power supply has remained critical with the perennial problem of brownouts. Road unworthy public vehicles that lacks sense of punctuality in departure and arrivals is another setback in the tourism industry.

Facilities such as lodging houses, hotels, restaurant and souvenir shops is non existent although two duplex type Cottages at Badjang Spring Resort are present yet it is below standard and can accommodate only lesser number.

The natural attraction that  brings in tourist should be given utmost priority. Construction of a hotel and convention hall at Badjang Spring should be started to enhance the area’s attractiveness to tourists. The development of the Punta Gorda Mountain Trail should be initiated as an alternative leisure activity to staying tourists at the Resort. The construction of man-made beach at the Resort is another added attraction to the place.

Badiang Springs located in Barangay Anas.

Inclusion of Badjang Spring Resort in the Package Tours of the Three Tour Operating Establishment in the Province and all tour operator information leaflets about Badjang Spring Resort and the Sto. Ñino Church will boost the tourism industry of the municipality.

Investment from the private sector is also needed. Presently, the town’s tourist facility is managed by the LGU. The LGU’s capability to develop it further can’t be relied upon due to financial constraint. Private investor should then be encouraged to infuse fresh capital to the area.

The LGU should formulate policies and program on tourism. The municipal Tourism Council should be activated.